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If you are looking for extended drain intervals and cost savings for your fleet, you are in the right place. Every product that Amsoil markets is made to help you save money and stretch your maintenance dollars. Amsoil has fleet tested their products and proven that fuel mileage increases and extended drain intervals result in real savings for fleet managers. You don't have to spend money proving that our products work, they have done it for you. Just look under "Performance tests' on the website for test results . Just use the Shop now button to take you to the website. From diesel oils,gear lubes, Donaldson filters and fuel additives, Amsoil has your fleet covered from front to back. Go to our new accounts area to sign up now!

Retail businesses can also profit from Amsoil's complete line of high quality synthetic motor oils, filters, greases, fuel additives, powersports and motorcycle and marine oils. Sign up today for a proven product line for you business.

Don't own a fleet or business, No problem. Our Preferred customer program is designed for you.Save up to 25% using this cost saving program. Use reference # 1206572 when you sign up for great savings.

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